Coraline is a stop-motion
animated film based
on the book of the same
name. It was directed by
Henry Selick and produced
at Laika Inc. in Portland,
Oregon. I worked on it doing
visual development and drawings
for sets and props.
The style of this stuff is
little different than work
i do on my own, mostly
because it's done as a
step in the process rather
than just to make a picture.
These drawings have to be applicable
to a set that is going to be used
for a lot of different things, so you can't cheat as much.
I learned a ton on this
project and i'm really glad
i got the chance to be part
of it.
There is a lot of material
around, and i will add more
as i find it in my files,
but these are some of my
favorites. It's a little weird
to put work that goes back
two years under 'newer
things', but i figured
nobody would look at it
if i didn't.