The development of technology and especially the development of artificial intelligence has brought changes in many aspects of our lives, enabling us to easily obtain things like Paddy power promo code for the UK whenever we want, and art is certainly not an exception. Nowadays, we have digital art, we have electronic art, and artificial intelligence art. What kind of art is AI art? Can AI create true art? Can it replace artists? In the following article, I will try to provide answers to these questions and explain artificial intelligence art thoroughly. 


AI art is the newest art movement in which the works of art are created by artificial intelligence. It is an art movement that is in its infancy, and which caught the attention of the media when the artwork Portrait of Edmund Bellamy created by AI algorithm was first placed in the media. 


AI artworks are created by using AI technology. Everything starts with the software. The purpose of the software is to create original artwork based on artworks created before humans. Once the software is made it is fed by the artworks which already exist. For example, Elgammal’s software was created and it was given 80 000 pieces of art created from the last 500 years. The program creates the original artwork based on these 80 000 other pieces. Once you click enter, the new artwork is made.


Some people believe that AI can create true art. However, the artwork is an expression of artists, their current emotional state, their reaction to the environment they find themselves in, their experience, their knowledge. These are just some of the factors that influence the process of creation. With AI this is much simpler. The software creates the work based on the previous artworks, which with human artists is just one part of the creation process. In this way, it lacks other important aspects of the process and factors which influence it. Maybe in the future, with the development of technology, things will change and AI art will become true art, for now, a lot has to be improved both conceptually and aesthetically for AI art to become true art. 


Since Google’s DeepDream pattern-finding software was released in 2015, many AI artworks have been generated. However, these artworks were not rich enough to catch the attention of the audience for a long time. For that reason, nobody was interested in AI art. However, once Portrait Of Edmund Bellamy was created and released, and after an auction house decided it to sell it, the media and the audience became very much interested in AI art. The idea that an artwork can be created simply by using AI software is both frightening and impressive.

However, for now, we need to have a person behind the curtain. In the case of the artwork Portrait of Edmund Bellamy, three men were behind the process of creation. They created their AI artist software which afterward generated the artwork.

So, for now, we can say that AI art cannot replace the artist, but we are left to see what will happen in the future. Maybe the technology will make great progress, and in a couple of years, we will have AI art exhibitions. For now, we will enjoy regular art exhibitions.