The X-Men franchise has seen its ups and downs (mostly downs), but that didn’t stop loyal fans from lining up to watch, revel in, and criticize the new movies whenever they would come out. One of the eagerly awaited movies that were shelved was Gambit. This famous comic book character has been a favorite among the audience, especially those who like to gamble – both online using the Quinnbet Coupon Code or in land-based casinos. Still, the movie was put on hold. Why was that and will there be one in the future?

The Original Plan

Gambit was announced in 2014 and was supposed to star Channing Tatum and be directed by Rupert Wyatt. Everyone on board was very excited and Fox had the opportunity to create a good X-Men movie. However, like many other projects, this one got delayed time and time again. Finally, when the movie seemed to be mere ten weeks away, it happened: Fantastic Four did poorly and the budget was slashed. This left the cast, the director, and the producers without a movie for a while.

The flop of the Fantastic Four simply did not leave the studio any funds to pursue Gambit. Rupert Wyatt was willing to still give it a chance with budget cuts, but the movie was just too close to its start date and it seems that the studio was unwilling to risk a low-budget movie that could fair just as bad as the Fantastic Four.

Disney Takeover

When Disney bought Fox, every man, woman, and child who loved Marvel characters let out a sigh of relief. After all, Disney owns Marvel, as well. Finally, characters like Spiderman were going to be treated right. Sadly, the projects got delayed and/or forgotten on the way, with the exception of the aforementioned web-head. This piece is being written in 2019, so, even if Disney planned to release the movie, it would not happen in 2020. It doesn’t help that many of the people involved with the project walked away, including Wyatt.

Many projects were planned as a continuation or spinoffs of the original franchise that took the cinemas by storm in 2000. Fox produced their take on the mutants and their struggles and, to be fair, we have seen some incredible performance by Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Patrick Stewart, and Hugh Jackman, to name a few. It looks as though the original franchise is either dead or dying.


There has been talk of revamping the X-Men to fit into the Marvel Universe, now that the studio has taken back the control of its characters.

However, such changes cannot be expected to come soon, as Disney has got too many balls in the air and such an endeavor would require careful planning. Disney has shelved the movie for now and it doesn’t appear on its schedule that covers the plans for as far as 2027. In other words, the best-case scenario, we get the movie in 9 years. 

A significant number of people were hit hard with this piece of news, including Tatum, who was so eager to portray the character on the scene that he even planned to direct it to get the ball rolling. There is still no definite “No” from the mega-company regarding doing the movie in the future, but the near future doesn’t look good for any of the X-Men movies. We will not be able to see our favorite mutants on the big screen for a very long time and Dark Phoenix seems to be the final nail in the coffin for the franchise.